RESEARCH CENTER-When could I cash my EE and E bonds?

RESEARCH CENTER-When could I cash my EE and E bonds?

When they are 12 months old.

  • In the event that you cash an EE relationship prior to it being 5 years old, you certainly will lose the very last 3 months of great interest.
  • EE bonds earn interest for three decades before they mature if you don’t cash the bonds. Therefore the longer the bond is held by yo (up to three decades), the greater amount of it really is well well worth.
  • If you have been afflicted with an emergency, unique conditions may use.
  • All E bonds plus some EE bonds have actually stopped interest that is earning must certanly be cashed.

What exactly are my EE and E bonds worth?

In the event that you hold an electronic show EE (or show I) relationship in TreasuryDirect, you’ll find the bond’s current value there. Use the “Current Holdings” tab as part of your account.

For the paper relationship, make use of the Savings Bond Calculator.

Just how do I cash my EE and E bonds?

Electronic bonds get on TreasuryDirect and there follow the directions. The money quantity may be credited to your checking or checking account within two company times of the redemption date. Continue reading →