The Adjusting Procedure For Foreign Wives Married to Korean Husbands

The Adjusting Procedure For Foreign Wives Married to Korean Husbands

Purposes for this research had been to explore the experiences of Filipinas living as international spouses in Korea also to formulate a substantive concept that explains the fundamental social means of adjusting to life as an international spouse in Korea.

This descriptive qualitative research used the grounded theory design. In-depth, semi-structured, audio-taped interviews were conducted with 10 Filipino immigrant spouses in Korea. Interview information had been transcribed verbatim and analyzed making use of Strauss and Corbin’s constant relative analysis.

Six primary groups emerged: aspiring, confronting, putting up with, coping, assimilating, and regretting. Fundamental to these ended up being the core group of adopting a new way life. a model that is theoretical the basic social processes of adjusting to life being an international spouse in Korea was created to mirror the inter-relationships among these groups. Extracts for the information had been presented to illustrate the grounding associated with the model that is theoretical the individuals’ records.

The findings out of this study offer a rise in the knowledge of Filipino immigrant wives, which will assist in designing effective coping strategies that look at the specific faculties and dilemmas of Filipino immigrant spouses. Programs under existing policies have to undergo improvement that is continuous purchase to boost the wellbeing among these immigrant wives.

Keyword phrases: Acculturation; Immigration; Lifestyle experiences; Qualitative research


Marrying foreigners became a trend that is global the first 1980s and contains recently developed into a very marketed company, more popularly referred to as worldwide wedding brokerage industry, with all the booming existence of online matchmaking organizations across Asia (Nakamatsu, 2005). Continue reading →